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Women who have dieted alongside men may have observed a pestering outcome: men seem to lose the extra pounds, all while the weight keeps sticking stubbornly to women. It's a fact. Numerous studies have already shown that if a man and a woman go on the same diet simultaneously and maintain the diet for an identical length of time, the man will likely have lost more weight. This is extremely frustrating for women; however, there are a few reasons for that, and knowing them can help women understand the way their bodies work and tackle this with boldness. Greenyway invites you to learn more about how women can safely and effectively lose weight.

Gender-Specific Differences

The truth is that men have more muscle mass than women because of the hormone testosterone. Another big difference between the sexes lies in food preferences​, with men loving meat and women attached to carbohydrates. Besides, women tend to see themselves as overweight while men do not, which makes them focus on different outcomes: women focus on losing weight and men on getting fitter. It is vital, however, to maintain a healthy weight to prevent various health issues, according to gender.

So how can you do this?

Eat Healthily

The most important aspect of committing to eating healthier is being consistent, which means not skipping meals. Attempts at staying healthy are successful when meals and snacks are small and eaten throughout the day for both men and women. Consumingbalanced meals is also very important for your health, so make sure you choose various perishable and fresh foods. Controlling the portion sizes and avoiding second servings is another vital factor that needs to be mentioned more.

Limit or eliminate foods that are processed or too high in saturated fat since fat and chemically altered items are sources of calories and disease. Preferably, choose lean proteins like nuts, vegetables, beans, and eggs. Also, eat less sugary items, and avoid high-calorie beverages that only fuel various health conditions.

Be Active – Exercise

Making exercise a daily habit is incredibly important to prevent many health risks, including diabetes, asthma, back or joint pain, heart disease, dementia, and more. Women should try to get at least 30 minutes of activity by developing a fitness routine, walking, or doing yoga to maintain a healthy body and mind. In their daily routines, men can incorporate up to 60 to 90 minutes of exercise and other physical activities like jogging and running to prevent various health issues. Having great workout clothes can help keep you committed to your routine.

If you're just starting or are already on the way to becoming healthier, fitness apps can be of great help in your journey as they support your workout tremendously. Because they allow you to effectively exercise wherever you can, like your living room or your patio, fitness apps are an incredibly versatile tool in your weight loss journey.

To make this practice possible, ensure you have a phone that works smoothly to allow you to focus on the routine entirely. If your device is older and runs the apps slowly, consider upgrading to a better model so you can enjoy your fitness time without issues like lagging and slow performance. Several smartphones have an excellent under-the-hood design, with high-speed chips that deliver upscale performance, such as the iPhone 12. Investing in a great device comes with many benefits, including great visuals, smooth performance, and an overall top-notch experience.

​Manage Stress

One of the primary triggers for heart disease, stress, is a significant one. You may have come across the notion of the body's fight-or-flight reaction — it's an internal mechanism designed to address dangerous or anxiety-inducing situations by activating all the switches in your body to overcome the stressor.

It is essential to de-stress to avoid developing various health issues and prolong your life. While women can de-stress by planning and visualizing pleasant situations, doing yoga, meditating, and practicing self-care, men can tackle this issue by having a much-needed day dedicated to a hobby, getting enough sleep, and staying in touch with their friends.

The Good News: The Basics are the Same

Men view weight control a bit differently and also lose pounds faster than women. Still, the basics of health and weight loss and weight control are identical for both genders, with only how they address this being different.