Greeny Bottle

Already underway our reusable bottle project

Do you want to have a bottle of first quality steel, which makes sure you do not ingest BPA and which are also helping to improve the environment?

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Greeny Loans

We have formed a group on to unite our efforts in aid in countries less fortunate than ours. Kiva is an NGO that articulates micro-credit through local agents. The money that you deposit in your account, will not recoverable as in other many NGOs, but that you choose directly who lend the money. Later, following deadlines money will be returning so that you can devote that money to lend it to another person who also need it.

to if you like this great idea, don't join the Greenyway group in Kiva.

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Greeny Compensation

Are you aware that all human activity inevitably has an impact on our environment? It is clear that it can be minimized (and is therefore fought in Greenyway) but come a point where already cannot be reduced more, and there is where in Greenyway have a compensation policy. Our compensation program is based on support through donation to organizations carrying out important tasks of improvement and defence of the natural environment, and in this way contribute in more global that penalize.

a We are looking for NGO, help us!

Greeny Bag

Be committed to our environment, you don't have to be necessarily boring... Soon you will be able to access practical reusable bags with beautiful designs.

What's more, you want to see your design by strolling through the supermarket? Submit it!

Greeny Notes

Small stickers and posters, with large messages so place them where most impact can have.

Greeny Garden

Do you have a terrace or balcony, and you like to grow your own food? We are working to make things very easy.

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