What is Greenyway?

Greenyway is a 100% Spanish that is born from the concern for the health and sustainability of human activities.

We believe that the model of habits and consumption currently imposed by large corporations must change.

We want to do our bit to change things. Our way: becoming aware of new ways of doing and providing products that contribute to these objectives.

Our values

We believe in:

  • Provide healthy and environmentally friendly products with the environment.
  • In the active participation of everyone, we listen to you!.
  • We believe that all the options deserve consideration, if they are made out of respect.
  • The sum of many few get one large force.

Our mission

Our goal is to build a company based on these values, provide to society healthy and responsible products with the environment. We want to start slowly, with the support and collaboration of people like you. First with few products (at the moment are working to remove the Greeny Bottle to the market soon) but gradually provide more products always faithful to our vocation.

Why a company and not an NGO?

Many initiatives that pursue goals similar to ours using the formula form an NGO. We believe that public administrations and NGOs are essential to cover those situations where the pursued good is in contrast to profitability. For example, it would be unthinkable to found a company whose mission was to retrieve the Espartero Toad in the Sierra de Guadarrama, since it is impossible to find a model to monetize this activity, but instead looked for order is a priority for the survival of an ecosystem already itself very threatened.

But the change we seek do not want to be supported by grants and donations to fund lost. We want to generate a sustainable model economically producing double benefits to society: by its competitive products and pay their taxes.

Why we not will never ask a fee to join Greenyway, just hope that if we can manufacture products with utility and sense for you, you finish buying them. In fact, to secure it, we offer the possibility to get involved in the whole process long before the conception of the idea itself, even though we are a company we want you to become part of Greenyway!.

In fact, so great is our admiration and respect for the work being done by NGOs, which, during the purchase process, you can choose to donate part of the price to one of these NGOs. If you think that some NGOs should be on our list of potential, please contact us and let know us.


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