Recently, through a friend, we have learned about an interesting initiative called Kiva is an NGO, but a very particular one. Like all NGOs, it pursues a social and just goal, and is based on the collaboration of conscientious and involved people. But the great difference of Kiva lies in the fact that the contributions made by its members are not non-refundable donations that the NGO manages as it sees fit. In Kiva, the contributions are destined to nominal microcredits, and it is you yourself who decides exactly to which project each Euro you invest will go. The money you lend will also be returned by the chosen entrepreneur under the terms and deadlines that he or she has established, so that the money returns to your account and you can use it for new loans or withdraw it if you wish.


This participation is very easy, as you can collaborate from as little as 25$ (just 22 Euros), and as this money is returned and you can reinvest it, the amount you end up managing for development projects grows and grows over time.


It is also very interesting the possibility they offer to buy gift cards with the balance you want, and you can give them to whoever you want. It seems to us a very original option to give to friends and family at this time of year when we often don't know what to give.


We are collaborating with Kiva to promote projects that are not only social but also have an ecological and sustainability commitment. We will soon be informed of these new greener projects, as for the moment most of the proposed projects are eminently social.


On a personal level, the Greenyway partners are participating in this interesting initiative and we have created a collaboration group. This group is for all Greenyway supporters who collaborate in Kiva, to unite our actions, share experiences and thus accumulate better results together.

It should also be noted that Kiva does not form part of the Greenyway Compensation Programme. The Compensation Programme is designed to allocate part of the sales produced through Greenyway to NGOs, to compensate for the impact that our activity may have. In this sense, we are currently selecting the NGOs that will be part of our programme.

a ¿ Did you like Kiva's initiative, join us and don't forget to accumulate your loans in the Greenyway Team!

a ¿ Do you want to give an original, but above all useful gift? Give a Kiva gift card as a present.