All parents know basic tricks to mobilize the tummy of the baby. Especially those with children with problems of gases. This simply helps the transit and especially releases those gases so annoying. Typical examples are the massages in the gut in the sense of the clock hands, move their legs as he is cicling in a bike, or just take his feet and take them to his navel.

But today we want to explain something a little more "esoteric" but that has surprised us (who we are enough cynics with these kind of things) for its effectiveness. It is a technique of foot reflexology, which can be applied to babies without any problem.

Reflexology is a discipline that is based on that all the organs of the body are associated with different specific points on the hands, feet, ears, or nose. And that such points can be stimulated with some pressure, and in this way we will be stimulating the organ in question, but in a indirect way.

As well, we must know that the area connected to the large intestine is the side outer toes and crosses them in the middle (exactly like the form of the large intestine). And the small intestine is right in the center of this arc.

So, to apply the massage we will proceed in the following way:

  • First we will stimulate the large intestine, performing a movement with a horseshoe shape in both feet. This movement can be done with the finger that will be more comfortable for you, and exerting some pressure upon the sole of the foot.
  • And second we will stimulate the large intestine, for which we will be pressing with a gentle motion circular (in the sense of the clock hands) with our fingers. The thumb tends to be the most comfortable for this.

In this way we will make again and again the 1 movement, to finally move to step 2. In this way we will do this in the correct order, first stimulating the large intestine to leave room and that the small intestine can be activated then.

This technique has taught us our friend Begoña Torres. Reiki teacher, Kundalini Yoga, Shiatsu and many is other disciplines.

And you? Do you dare to try? About is you this technique you? Not shy and says what you want below!