When we started with our initiative of Greenybottles, we think about making a product that could use everybody, and  contribute to improving the planet and of course improving his health. What a coincidence, that always these goals tend to go hand in hand!

And it is true that we have made many friends (because at Greenyway beyond making customers we make friends) who use their bottles at the University, doing sport and many of them in the office. But it is for kids where the greenybottle has its mayor success. And there are the mothers (and some parents also :-) the most active collaborators.

That is why we thought to expand the contents of the website to this group of interest.

So this the new category on the Blog: babies!

Very soon will appear some articles in this area that we hope the will be of your interest.

How about this initiative? There is some issue that especially worries you and you want to ask someting? Don't be shy, and participate!