The Tropical Africa landscape is dotted with majestic Shea Trees. Shea is a typical tree of countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan or Ivory Coast, its height varies between 12 and 20 meters. They can live up to three centuries, its branches are short, grayish bark. This tree bloom begins in January and ends in March.
Produces a fruit similar to a walnut, which collected once removed, dried and crushed, to form a paste which is kneaded until the famous Shea butter, this distrubye your fats in the following way:
  • Palmitic acid (2-6%)
  • Stearic acid (15-25%)
  • Oleic acid (60-70%)
  • Linolenic acid (5-15%)
  • Acid linoleico(<1%)


In this region, one should not only protect themselves from the sun, blows a hot wind, the Harmattan, which drag dust and sand, phenomena that especially dry skin. The women and children to protect themselves from the scorching wind and face and hair generously lubricated with Shea butter. Yellowish with a texture and consistency of the butter. It's a natural moisturizer, it has been used by African natives for more than one millennium, a basic ingredient used by the women of sub-Saharan Africa to protect and nourish your skin.

Shea butter is an oil occurring at room temperature in semisolid state, then that is called butter instead of oil, with the body heat melts through to the liquid state, leaving a pleasant sensation on the skin. It's one of the best natural products that can be used to moisturize, slow aging, and regenerate the skin. Thus the skin retains for a long time its beauty, softness and elasticity.
Some of Its leading features are:


  • Hydration that provides is extreme, ideal for dry skins.
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin for its nutritious properties and its high content in vitamin A, D, E and F, vital component of cell membranes.
  • It's a natural cell regenerator with large smoothing and restructuring properties in wrinkles and stretch marks, as well as protective for lips and especially sensitive areas.
  • It's gentle enough to be used on the face, useful both to heat and cold.
  • It has a mild protective effect solar natural, in addition to not produce Granites, which can use even though there are acne or oily skin, excellent alternative to industrial creams, for mild exposure.
  • It also strengthens the skin and stimulates collagen production, allowing to keep skin more flexible and less prone to aging.
  • It has a significant effect stretch and wrinkle, which warns in a few weeks. Your continued use ensures the preventive effects on skin ageing.
  • Suitable for squamous dermis treatment , hand dry and cracked, and for ulcers and eczema.

It can be used pure or in combination, such as body lotion, and also in soaps, moisturizing adjunct. In our natural soap Floral you can find together other natural ingredients of high quality like almond, olive and coconut oil.