Where can we find the BPA and other toxic substances?

Currently there are many kind of plastic, but the common classification tends to group them into seven groups, which are also the most common.
They are usually identified by the number printed inside a symbol (a triangle formed by three arrows) contained somewhere the container.
In this simple infographic, we want show you how prevent their use:
Plastics from class 3 or 7 can give off Bisphenol-A.
Those marked with a number 1 (PET) should mustn't reuse, since in addition to accumulate bacteria, this plastic degrades and releases certain toxic substances under environmental conditions of light and heat.
Number 6 (polystyrene/PS) should not use it for food or drinks, styrene is a toxic chemical that is released when the plastic container is used to heat up foods or liquids at high temperatures...
Plastic class 2, 4 or 5 are the safest.