Purchase Conditions

General conditions of sale and use of the website "greenyway.com" described below, define the rights and obligations of "greenyway.com" on its website "greenyway.com".
The mere access to the website and the implementation of electronic commerce in the same implies acceptance of these conditions of use detailed in the link disclaimer.

1. Product information

The descriptions of the products proposed by greenyway.com on its website are accurate except for errors.
The data included in each item card or in your photo have a merely informative function. Therefore, greenyway.com declines any responsibility for the emergence of errors in such information, even though it commits to take all measures at its disposal to correct as soon as possible such errors or omissions after having been informed of them.
The customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days (described in article 8 of the present general conditions sale), caused by the non-conformity of products sold with its data sheet or the erroneous character of the information contained herein

2 - Ordering Process

Customers have the possibility to place your orders via the Internet through the website www.greenyway.com.
Customers should ensure that they are fully authorized to use the payment card. Only persons with legal capacity to sign contracts relating to the class of goods and services offered on this website can place orders at greenyway.com.
When you click on the ' buy' button during the process of placing an order, the customer declares to accept fully and without reserve the entirety of the present general sales conditions, which, in any case, may be archived and printed by customers for its reproduction when they deem it necessary.
The data archived by greenyway.com constitute proof of all transactions carried out between greenyway.com and its customers. Greenyway.com will confirm to the customer, within a maximum of 24 hours, your order has been registered. Also, once shipping the requested product, greenyway.com informed by e-mail of shipment.
The contractual information will be provided to clients prior to the receipt of the products purchased. Such information may be extracted, stored and reproduced by customers which, in any case, can correct erroneous data through its connection to greenyway.com. Contractual information is presented only in Spanish and English language.
Where greenyway.com intends to use the email address provided by the customer within the framework of the subscription orders, for subsequent commercial communications sending, you must inform the customer expressly and request your consent. This consent may be revoked by the client at any time that considers it appropriate, by simple sending of an e-mail to info@greenyway.com.

3 - Prices

The prices of our products are indicated with all taxes included, and not including the participation in the preparation and shipping costs.
Participation in the preparation and shipping costs is also understood with all taxes included.
Transport costs are showed always separate.
Greenyway.com reserves the right to modify these prices at any time, however, the products will be billed on the basis of the rates in force at the time of the registration of orders (provided they are stock).
Products will remain the property of the supplier until full payment of the price takes place.
Greenyway.com reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order where there are causes that prevent Greenyway to bring the transaction to good term or where there is a dispute with the customer.

4 - Availability

In case of unavailability of the product once the order and before the end of the process of sale in question shipping, the customer will be informed by e-mail or by phone partial shipping or cancel your order.
If the charge into account has already been taken at the time of giving the information relating to the unavailability of the product, will be held a reimbursement procedure for the amounts, informing the client about it by sending an e-mail. This procedure has begun greenyway.com will proceed to the refund of the amount paid by the customer to the bank account indicated by the latter to this effect as soon as possible. In this sense, greenyway.com terminate the corresponding amounts within a maximum of 8 days if the customer used a debit card or PayPal and, before the end of the month, if the payment was held by credit card.

5 - Payment

The payment of purchases is effected by card payment or PayPal or bank transfer. Payment cards accepted are: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro. In case of payment by card, we will send a request for debit to your bank within a period of 24 hours; the amount is not debited from your account to obtain authorization from your bank. Debit period will depend on the rules applied to your way of payment (immediate, deferred debit, etc.). In case of payment by PayPal, the amount of purchases will be charged in the PayPal account immediately. In case of a rejection of the Bank, the order will be cancelled automatically and the client will be informed by sending an e-mail.

In accordance with the legislation in force and for the security and confidentiality of your data, greenyway.com keep not any information relating to banking data.

Responsibility of customers will be the Save and print your bank transfer if they wish to retain the details relating to your transaction and banking.

Where is loaded improperly to a customer the amount of a purchase, while the identification of the corresponding credit card has been verified by greenyway.com, the customer may demand the immediate annulment of the charge by sending an e-mail, and must result in the reinstatement of the amount improperly debited within the time limits referred to in the second paragraph of clause 4. However, in the event that the purchase is actually made by customer that demands the cancellation of the charge, this shall compensate greenyway.com of the damages caused on the occasion of such cancellation.

6 - Security

The Greenyway.com website payment gateway is protected with one of the most reliable security systems that currently exist. It has not only adopted the SSL encryption protocol, but it has also strengthened all the procedures of random and encryption in order to protect all personal data linked to the means of payment as effectively as possible.
Greenyway.com never has access to confidential information concerning the means of payment. Information relating to payment (card number, expiration date) will be introduced directly in the virtual POS of the Bank that provides the service, which is inaccessible by third parties.

7 - Delivery

a) Delivery Modalities and Places

Products will be sent to the shipping address provided by the customer during the order process.
All our deliveries are reported to the client via email. Upon receipt of the order by the customer, greenyway.com will issue online an invoice which shall state the costs of transport separately and VAT.

Greenyway.com performs deliveries to Spain and to these European countries: Portugal, France, Italy, U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria.

To optimize delivery, thanks to the client to indicate a direction in which the order can be delivered within the regular working hours.

b) Delivery deadline

The maximum delivery time is set to 7 working days from receipt of the payment order, unless more precise deadlines envisaged at the time of presentation of the freight.
In the case of expiry of these deadlines, the customer can cancel your order according to the conditions laid down in article 9 of the present general conditions of sale.
Delays caused by force majeure, while the product is in phase of logistics, greenyway.com shall inform the customer of such circumstances and that, therefore, the costs arising from its application for annulment are in charge by customer.
Once exercised the right to cancel, greenyway.com carried out a refund request within a period of 10 working days.
Each delivery is deemed as the moment in which the transport company offers product to customer, which is materialized through the control system used by the transport company.

c) Precautions to take in mind at the time of delivery

Is recipient responsability check shipments at arrival moment, observations and submit all claims deemed justified, it may even reject the package, if the latter is likely to have been opened or if it shows clear signs of deterioration. Such comments or complaints should be sent to the transport company by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in the 3 working days following the delivery of the products, with a copy sent immediately after to greenyway.com.
If the products delivered do not conform in nature or quality with respect to those indicated in the email of forwarding of the order, customer must, under penalty of expiration, make their claims within seven days of delivery.
In case of delay, break or receipt of an incomplete order, customer may contact the service the customer available on the greenyway.com website by selecting the topic corresponding to your request.

d)Packages loss

However, if after 8 business days after ordering the package, customer has no news of your order, he can contact greenyway.com indicating the tracking number and order number to confirm the output from our store
Greenyway.com customer service will carry out an investigation with the help of the  courier company.
The customer will receive an e-mail indicating the start of the investigation. Final response times can vary from one to three weeks, starting at the email sent by customer.

8 Refunds

In relation to all products sold, customer may play host to the maxim of "If you are not satisfied your money back you" and shall have a period of 14 days refund to the date of receipt of the product by the customer. Before any return, the customer must indicate his intention to return a product, contact previously via the address info@greenyway.com
Once the client has obtained their refund number, you will need to send a packet to greenyway.com with:
-Items in their original packaging
-The order for refund, in the interior of the package
-The document with the address of the service of returns, pasted on the outside of the package.
This right of withdrawal can never be exercised if the shipped products have been a visible long-term use (more than a few minutes). Products must be returned properly protected, in its original packaging in perfect condition for resale (undamaged, breaks or dirty). Packets that do not contain any element that identifies the sender may not be accepted (n ° of order, last name, name, address).
A once the package has been received in greenyway.com stores and that have been verified that the returned products are in perfect condition, the refund procedure will be done by amounts corresponding to returned products. It will inform the client of this procedure of refund by sending an email. Started this procedure, greenyway.com shall be the refund of the amount paid by customer in the bank account or PayPal account you used to pay for the order as soon as possible. In this sense, greenyway.com terminate the corresponding amounts within a maximum of 8 days if the customer used a debit card or PayPal and, before the end of the month, if the customer used a credit card.
Refunds will be made to different directions according to the carrier, which the client choose to process your return:
The costs and risks related to the return of the product shall be borne by the sender. Any return that has not been paid at the time of shipment by customer will not be accepted.
In the case of defective products or that they do not correspond to the order placed by the customer, return costs shall be borne by greenyway.com thanks to the return label that we send you.
The return of the goods will result in a refund in an amount equal to the purchase price of the product (s) returned (s), within a period of 30 days from receipt of the products by greenyway.com. Refund not included, therefore, possible shipping costs.
The right of withdrawal is exercised equally from the moment the order is made and before the delivery. In this case, refund on the Bank of the customer is carried out within a period of 30 days from the exercise of such right.
If the right of withdrawal has been between the date of departure of the products of greenyway.com stores and the date of delivery of the order, return costs shall be borne by the customer.

9 -Warranty

Offered contractual warranty protects the client against manufacturing defects during 24 months, and for 6 months in pieces like lids.
Only means a defect that affects its main functionality, i.e. contain liquid. Subject to warranty will not be any alteration under the design of the bottle. The warranty will lose its validity in the event of defects or damage caused by external factors, accidents, wear, scratch or use not in accordance with the instructions for use. The warranty shall not apply to apparent flaws and defects of conformity of the product, for which any claim must be made by the client in question in the 14 days following the delivery of the products, without penalty of expiration. The warranty does not cover products damaged during transport or by improper use.
The main purpose of the product is the storage of water, using the container for other liquids such as juice or carbonated soft drinks is not recommended, the use of any other substance may be subject to termination of the guarantee.
The provisions of this article shall not affect the legal guarantee for hidden defects, when the product is sold to a consumer or a non-professional client.
For any question or information request, please contact the greenyway.com customer service.

10 -Intellectual property

Texts, comments, works, illustrations and images reproduced on the greenyway.com website are subject to applicable copyright and intellectual property rights around the world. In this regard, and in accordance with the provisions of the rules governing intellectual property, they are intended for strictly private use, unless provisions different or even more restrictive code of intellectual property. Any other use is constitutive of violation of intellectual property and shall be punished in due form, except that mediate prior authorization from greenyway.com.
Any total or partial reproduction of the catalogue of greenyway.com is strictly prohibited without prior permission from greenyway.com

11 - Liability - Litigation - Law Applicable

Photographs and reproduced texts and presenting the products offered have informational purposes. However, customers may exercise their right of return in accordance with the provisions of clause 9 where such errors were such an entity that had affected to will them to your order.
Greenyway.com not will be held responsible for damages, whatever its nature, both material and non material or body, which may result in malfunction or improper use of the marketed products. The same applies to any modifications made to the products by suppliers.
The responsibility of greenyway.com shall be limited, in any case, to the amount of the order and will not be compromised by simple errors or omissions that have been able to take place, when they have taken all necessary precautions in the presentation of the products.
Greenyway.com can not be held liable for a customer or a third party of indirect damage, loss of exploitation or profits that occurred by the means which, even if said damage, loss or injury would have been foreseeable by greenyway.com or if its eventuality had been put into their knowledge.
Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility of greenyway.com under these conditions shall not exceed an amount equal to the sums paid or payable after the transaction that is in the origin of such liability, whatever it cause or the form of the action in question.
Greenyway.com will not be held responsible for the breach of the contract in the event of depletion of stock or unavailability of the product, of force majeure, disruption of activity or total or partial strike notably postal services and means of transport or communications, flood or fire.
In case of dispute, the customer may contact, in the first place, greenyway.com to reach an amicable settlement. Alternatively, to the Granada courts.
The present general sales conditions in English language will be implemented and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation, legislation which the parties submit expressly. Any litigation that might emanate from its validity, interpretation or execution shall be submitted to the Granada courts.Greenyway.com no podrá ser considerada responsable por un cliente o un tercero de daños indirectos, pérdidas de explotación o lucro cesante ocurridos por el medio que fuere, aunque dicho daño, pérdida o perjuicio hubiera sido previsible por greenyway.com o si su eventualidad hubiera sido puesta en su conocimiento.

12 - General Sale Conditions Modifications

Greenyway.com reserves the right to modify the General conditions of sale. Any new version of the latter will be previously indicated on our website.
In the event of transfer of files for transfer of activity to a third party, greenyway.com is committed to previously inform the user of the website.
Customers who do not wish that the contractual relations are governed by the new version of the conditions of sale should so notify and, counting from the date of entry into force of the new version, must stop using greenyway.com services.
In the event that any of the terms of the General conditions of sale be declared unlawful or not enforceable by a judicial decision, the other provisions shall remain in force.
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