All of you that have bought at Greenyway, know that we offer the possibility to participate in our compensation program. Our compensation program is to compensate the impact our business has on the environment. We always try to be the less as possible, but we are sincere, and there is no human activity exempted from environmental impact. Our way to balance this, is our Compensation Program.

If you have chosen Kiva as a destination for your contribution to the compensation program, you can follow in detail the activity of your donation here:

Team Kiva-Greenyway

By the way if you're a member in Kiva don't forget to join our Group Kiva, the more we are we will able to more do!. And if you do not belong to Kiva, what are you waiting for?

If you have chosen SEO Birdlife as the destination of the donation, your contribution has been bound to the programme for the protection of the Northern bald Ibis of this organization. More information here:

Northern bald Ibis protection program