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Greenyway: Healthy and Eco Products

(*) Note that the pictures may be taken from other years models. And in some cases by our customers (non-professionals). Colors may vary with the actual ones. Go to shop for more detail.

Bottles for you:

  • Some plastics disolve BPA (carcinogenic) in the content.
  • Steel bottles do not dissolve any harmful substance and its polypropylene CAP is completely safe.
  • Functional design. Easy to carry, lossless and can drink without tilting it.
  • Wide mouth makes cleaning and filling be very easy, can even introducing ice.

Bottles for the planet:

  • Disposable containers are causing thousands of tons of waste plastics a year.
  • These residues take hundreds, and even thousands of years to decompose.
  • It drastically reduces the amount of resources, energy and waste.
  • As it is impossible to reduce the impact to zero; during the purchase process is will give you the possibility of collaborating with the compensation program.

Bottles for all:

  • The Greeny Bottle shows a strong ecological message, using it you are doing important work. Use it at home, at school, in the gym, mountain or doing your favourite sport; and you'll be creating community.
  • Would you like to get more involved? Join the affiliate program and take advantage of important benefits.
  • You have any idea or proposal to us, contact us!

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Shea butter

The Tropical Africa landscape is dotted with majestic Shea Trees. Shea is a typical tree of countries such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Sudan or Ivory Coast, its height varies between 12 and 20 meters. They can live up to three centuries, its branches are short, grayish bark. This tree bloom begins in January and ends in March. It produces a fruit similar to a walnut, which collected once removed, dried and crushed, to form a dough that he is kneaded until the famous Shea butter

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Travels and Fountains

Taking advantage of the summer season, there are many people launched into the adventure of doing some sightseeing. And with this sweltering heat is very important not to forget your Greenybottle at home. Especially if you plan to travel to Rome, you will spend many hours walking around the city, Rome is littered with water public fountains, and serves as a relief to all thirsty traveler who wishes to drink. These famous fountains are known as the "nasone" for its characteristic shape. Initially 20 sources were installed in the center of the city, today you will find over 260 fountains scattered throughout the historic city center.

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aWe are selecting NGOs to our compensation program. Would you like to help us?